Audio Dramas - Caalo Xan


Houston Chronicle

 “It’s a cool piece of the Houston culture spectrum, but Vivona and Ruether are interested in doing more than just sharing their galactic drama that borrows from the pulp-fiction styles of radio drama. They’re also looking to pave the way for the next generation of audio artists by putting out a minor master class in audio soundscape design.”

“...Caalo Xan is Houston’s excellent contribution to the renaissance. "

- Jef Rouner columnist

Wayland Productions

That's awesome...Keep it up! - KC Wayland (Producer of We're Alive)

The 7th Matrix

"...With a Talented Vocal Cast, Cool SFX, and a Lush Musical Score" - Rod Faulkner

Audio Drama Review

"...(you can hear) the Soft Creeping Footsteps...and feel the Speed of the Spaceships..."

"...the Dialog Flows Naturally, and Really Humanizes..."

-Zane Sexton - Audio Drama Review

Houston Press

 "Season 3 opens with an Uber Hawg Race, literally a Ketucky Derby for  flying pigs. Of course, there’s more at stake here as it become apparent  some powerful criminal interests are involved with the competition.  Vivona and Ruether do a masterful job of painting vivid mental picture  of the goings-on. You can easily see the action-packed race in your mind  thanks to some deft description, and it’s all backed by a hell of an  ambient soundtrack that gives the show a lot of weight. "

- Jef Rouner  Columnist

Horror Short Films


MMH Productions

(Original Music Score)

"Thank you very much. I love the score a lot and think it fits the mood perfectly. Thank you again. "

- Matthew Mark Hunter  Producer (Tales to Chill the Bone Vol. 2)

Horror Feature Films


An Evil Within

(Original Movie Score) 

"Jude,  this sounds great, please keep up the good work."

-Sage Bannick - Director

Drama Short Films


Bound East for Cam Ranh

 (Gold Award Winner for Sound Design - John Vivona)

"Wanted to reach out to let you know that Bound East has been given the Gold Award at the Independent Film Festival!"

Thank you for your work on this project!

-Loi Huynh  Director

Web Series


Dates (The Series)

 (Musical Consultant / Story Advisor)


"Thanks so much. I really can't thank you enough for everything.

P.S. Congrats on Caalo! That's a great number of listeners!"

- Kristie Wilson-Pennington Writer/Executive Producer